Gorgeous flowers available Monday - Sunday! Please order by 2pm for same day delivery. Did you know you can also order a pick up online? Save time by pre ordering and it will be ready for you at your chosen pick up time. Order online or call us to place a custom order over the phone. Thank you for your continual support, we appreciate you!

Delivery/Pick Up & Policies

Where We Deliver
Same Day Delivery Information
Delivery Times
For same day flower delivery or same day pick up orders please place your order by 2pm sharp. As for all fresh flowers; all pictures and flowers are subject to seasonal availability. Although we strive to triplicate each product, florist discretion is used as necessary.
Thank you ❤️

Same day fresh flower delivery: We offer same day delivery for all orders placed before 2pm. We are a florist in Sunshine North and we offer delivery to many suburbs across Melbourne.

Delivery times for orders placed on the same day as the delivery date are completed before 5pm.

Orders placed in advance or before 2pm the day before the delivery date have an option of an am or pm delivery which can be selected at checkout.

If you cannot find your delivery location it is possible that your suburb is not in our delivery range. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this. For regional areas in Victoria, interstate and overseas deliveries please contact us directly and we will be able to organise this for you via our member Flowers Relay Network.  

Please provide specific details about the delivery address if required, especially for a work address, Hospital or funeral service. For Hospital deliveries please obtain the patients correct full name, ward and room number.

Extra costs will apply if we are given the wrong address, if the driver cannot gain access to the property, if the recipient has been checked out of the hospital etc. In this instance, the flowers will need to be returned to the shop and redelivered.   

Please feel free to provide us with the recipient’s daytime contact phone number.

What happens if the recipient is not home? If the recipient is not home at the time of delivery the flowers will be left safely at the front door. The courier will also take a photo as proof of delivery and record the delivery time. Our responsibility/liability ends at the time of delivery. We are not responsible for any possible theft or damage to flowers as a result of late collection.

Pick up orders: For same day pick ups please place your order before 2pm and allow a minimum of 3 hours for your order to be prepared. For next day am pick ups please pace your order before 2pm the previous day. Look out for your confirmation of completion email before coming in to collect your order.

Policies: For all pre orders, pre ordered Events & Weddings. A 20% deposit is required to lock in the order. This applies to orders of any value.
Of the 20% deposit $100 is a booking fee. If the order is less than $100 then there is no booking fee.

Payments: Unless we agree otherwise, we require the order to be paid in full two weeks prior to the order dispatch date.

Changes to order & Invoicing: There is a $50 processing fee for each time a change is made to your order. We understanding that some changes to your order are common when planning an event. However each time this occurs we are required to re calculate the quantity of flowers needed to fulfil the order. We then need to contact our suppliers to change our existing order, to add to it or to cancel the entire order and put in a new revised order. Finally we need to provide you with in updated invoice. As you can imagine this is a timely task, and if this occurs consistently throughout the planning process or too close to the delivery date, it may even result in not being able to source the flowers on time for the event.

Cancellations: If the event order is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (including government restrictions due to Covid-19) prior to stock (stock, flowers, supplies, contractors) being ordered/booked, a full refund of all money paid will be issued, not including the $100 booking fee.
If your order value is less than $100 then a voucher will be issued for the full amount paid.

In the event the order is cancelled and stock has already been ordered, all money paid, excluding the non refundable 20% deposit will be refunded. The 20% deposit is then put towards administrative cost and cancellation fees charged to us by suppliers and/or contractors.
If the amount paid in the 20% deposit far exceeds the fees that we are charged, then the remaining money is returned as a voucher or refund.

In the event that stock has already been purchased, all money that has been paid will be kept for supplier and/or contractor payments and administration. In some instances, some of the the stock ie flowers may be given. The maximum value of flowers given will not be greater than 50% of the market value. However, this value is determined according to the circumstances at the time. For example it would depend on the amount already paid, the fees which we have been charged to us by our suppliers and/or contractors, and the amount of supplies we have already pre purchased to fulfil the order. On occasions a voucher may be given instead.

Floral Affairs treats all clients and consumers fairly in accordance with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

We are a small business which has been blossoming since 2000. We pride ourselves with our outstanding customer service, just read our reviews. Our conduct with regards to fairness is impeccable. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your order.

Rescheduling or changes to the date: If your order is rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances we may or may not be available to fulfil the order at the new date. If a solid new date is not given at the time of rescheduling then the order is considered to be cancelled. If the order is considered to be cancelled then the same policy as above for cancellations will apply.
If we are available to fulfil the order at the new date and we have not yet ordered the stock, all money paid minus the $100 booking fee will be put towards the new date. This will require a top up to the 20% deposit already paid in order to confirm and lock in your new date.

In the event the new date is available but the stock has already been ordered for the previous date, all monies already paid, not including the 20% deposit will be put towards the new date. The 20% deposit is kept for cancellation and administrative fees. If the 20% deposit far exceeds the fees that we are charged, the remaining money is put towards the new date. A top up of the 20% deposit may be required.

In the event that the stock has already been purchased, all money that has been paid will be kept for supplier payments, contractors and administration. In some instances, some of the the stock ie: flowers may be given. The maximum value of flowers given will not be greater than 50% of the market value. However this value is determined accordingly with the amount already paid. On occasions, a voucher may be given instead.

General online or in shop order cancelations/change of mind:
If you order has not been made, a full refund will be issued; minus a $15 administration fee and the cost of the payment processing fee.If your order has already been made, your deposit will be lost. If you had paid upfront, you will receive a refund minus the deposit fee.

Complaints: All complaints must be put into writing within 24hours and a photo of proof of the complaint must also be attached.