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Funeral Flowers

Flowers have always been a big part of saying goodbye. We understand that selecting the right flowers at this time can be a difficult decision to make.
We’re here to help. We have decades of experience in creating all aspects of funeral floral designs.
Casket arrangements- usually ordered by immediate family. We suggest you consider the favourite flowers, colours or sentimental aspects of your loved one such as hobbies or something unique or personal to them.
We are often given some flowers and/or foliage from the deceits garden to incorporate into the casket arrangement as a sentimental token. Nothing is too much to ask of us!
We also liaise with the funeral house, church or mosque to ensure that your flowers are delivered on time and to the correct place of service and service time.
Wreaths, sheaths, sprays- These can be specifically designed to suit your unique requirements with style, size, colour ect.
Stand hire can also be arranged for your unique piece to be placed next to the casket if ordered ahead.

Floral arrangements- Are not usually sent to a funeral as they are more suitable to send to the home or workplace as a sympathy to the family/friend of the deceits. However, if you require an arrangement for the service to be placed by the deceits photo for example or to beautify the space we can certainly customize arrangements to suit your needs.

Single flowers- Are usually ordered to share with family and friends at the cemetery to be placed on the grave. We are often given small cards or drawings from family members who wish to attach something special to their single flower. Again, we are here to make this as painless as possible and nothing is too much to ask of us.

Contact us with your special requirements and for a consultation and quotation.